Japan’s Whacky National Police Commissioner Contributes To Racist Newsletter (among other things)

NOTE: This article has been corrected in several places as we try to figure out what Ms. Yamatani really wrote. Recently appointed head of Japan’s Public Safety Commission, Eriko Yamatani 山谷えり子, who oversees all of Japan’s  police forces, may be inappropriate to deal with Japan’s domestic violence issues—among other things. She has been in the news recently for her alleged ties to the Zaitokukai, a hate speech group that the UN, the United States, and even Japan’s National Police Agency have condemned. Prime Minister Abe has had his photo taken with one of the members as well, but that’s probably just a coincidence. Ahem. Today at JSRC, we came across this newsletter,  run by a member of the Zaitokukai (that Ms. Yamatani can’t remember meeting), to which she “seemingly” contributed an essay.*

Eriko Yamatani, the head of Japan's Public Safety Commission, posing with a member of the hate group, Zaitokukai. She contributed an essay to his newsletter in which she derides Japan's democratic constitutions and suggests women should not be allowed to divorce.

Eriko Yamatani, the head of Japan’s Public Safety Commission, posing with a member of the hate group, Zaitokukai. She allegedly contributed to his newsletter in which he derides Japan’s “US imposed” democratic constitution and suggests women should not be allowed to divorce.

Ms. Yamatani has her own corner in the newsletter.

Her right wing supporter explains in witty prose that women in Japan should have their right to divorce taken away from them as part of promoting gender equality. And of course, let’s do something about those tax dollars stolen by capricious single mothers. It’s as if to say, “once you’re married, a woman should have no rights.”

Not only is this newsletter one more link to Yamatani and the racist she says that she doesn’t know, it makes us think she isn’t a person who will really want to ensure the police crack down on domestic violence or stalkers—if she works with this guy.Maybe her suggestion to women being stalked would be, “Why don’t you marry the guy?” Prime Minister Abe has tried to make a name for himself as a man pushing for the equal rights of women in Japan.

It’s also not encouraging to read something that suggests the de facto top dog in the police force works with an extremist who wants to get rid of Japan’s democratic constitution and roll back women’s rights. Abe keeps talking about “shining women”—Ms. Yamatani, practically glows—like the nuclear radiation at Fukushima. (But hey, that’s under control).

Here is some of the text of the essay. You can download the full PDF here, which also has a nice picture of her with the Zaitokukai right wing racist she claims not to know. Perhaps, it’s all a mistake. An elaborate hoax. Somehow, we fear not.

男女共同参画で生じた諸問題は、一発で解決が付く。「離婚禁止法」を設ければいい。戦後、米国が押し付けた「民主憲法」の三大悪条項は「9条」と「普通選挙」、それに「婚姻の自由」ではなかろう” か。「9条」は論じるまでもなく、税金をまともに払わない人にまで選挙権を与えたり、「男女共同参画」なるもののルーツとな”る結婚と離婚の自由。子供が生まれて成人するまで、親は絶対離婚できない。個々の事情は色々ある。それはそうとしながら、子供にも「両親の元でスクスク育つ」権利があるのだ。少なくとも親の身勝手な権利より子供の権利を重要視すべきではないか。勝手に結婚し、子供を作り、勝手に離婚。そして母子手当て等が20万円。そんな者のため税金払ってい”るんじゃない。「離婚禁”止法」はオーバーにしても安易な離婚だけは絶対に認めるな。” *We were unable to get a comment from Ms. Yamatani on the contents of this essay at present.


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